The Voiceover Gym Class

Your voice — and your skill at interpreting a script — is a muscle that needs exercise. Sneakers and gym shorts not required. (A water bottle is still a good idea.)

In this six-week class at Studiomedia in Evanston, audio engineer/producer Maya Kuper coaches 4 students through real commercial VO copy. You'll get hours of on-mic time with line-by-line feedback, and techniques you can apply to deliver a compelling read on ANY script. You'll even get to try out 6 different pro microphones. We wrap up each week's session with some critical listening on real broadcast spots.

We record the class and email you the recordings afterwards, so you can listen to and evaluate your performance at home.

Sample recordings from the class:

Tylenol "Get Back To Normal"

Benadryl "What Will You Miss"

Schick "Blast of Hydration"

Beginner or Advanced?

If you have a demo or an agent, and you've voiced professional jobs, this class will strengthen your audition skills.

If you're a beginner just getting your feet wet, this class is the place to stretch your limits.

Many students fit somewhere in between. Since the class is limited to 4 students, everyone gets individual attention. Over the course of six weeks, Maya will choose commercial copy specifically for you, and you'll gain an understanding of your individual strengths and the jobs you're likely to book. You'll also expand your range on new material.

Schedule and Pricing

Currently accepting students for January 2012! The six-week class is offered four times a year, starting January, April, July, and October. The January class will meet either on Saturday afternoon, or a weeknight evening, depending on my students' preferences. All classes are limited to just FOUR students. Cost is $395 for your six two-hour sessions. Just call Studiomedia to reserve your spot with a payment. Or sign up to sit in on one evening of class for FREE.

Listen in to the VO Gym Class, FREE

The Voiceover Gym Class is FREE Podcast on the iTunes Store. Listen to the class each week, and follow along with the scripts on our blog.

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Photos by Tom McGrath